"If anybody put Tyson through the ringer it was probably me and my boyfriend and he came out still smiling. Tyson helped me sell my home and purchase my new one. On the selling side, we were ready to list the house and take photos and the day before my dog ate a marker that left pink stains all over the carpet. Tyson didn't panic and was at the ready in order to get carpet cleaners in the house as quickly as possible to try to help clean it up. He also recommended a handyman who could come and help make the few small repairs that were needed to get into prime shape for listing. We sold the house in 4 days and while I was out of town on business. All in all, Tyson has been a pleasure and he continues to be somebody who reaches out to make sure all is going well. He is friendly, kind, and caring, and that helps when purchasing a home and selling a home!"